Tips for Planning Your Engagement Session

The date for your engagement photo session has been highlighted on your calendar. You might feel unsure of what to expect or how to plan for your session. Let me ease that overwhelming feeling by sharing a few helpful tips to plan your engagement session and share my process.

Be yourself

One of the most common things I hear from my couples is that they are awkward in front of the camera. I’m going to clue you in on a little secret, we are all awkward! Your awkwardness is what brings me the most joy. I love watching my couples start their session feeling shy and walking away at the end feeling amazing! I believe that everyone is beautiful. My goal is to capture images that represent who you are as a couple. One suggestion, is to stay away from Pinterest and social media. These apps are great for inspiration but they give us a false sense of how we should appear. Just simply be yourself.

Engagement Session Posing

During your engagement session, I’m there to guide you with simple posing and prompts. This allows me to see how you interact with your partner and also helps me find how you’re most comfortable with each other. During your session I want to create a safe place for you to be you! I will capture your best angle and tell you where to place your hands. Before you know it your nerves will settle. You will be focused on each other, and you will forget that I’m there. This is where the magic happens! and I can capture the more natural moments between you and your partner.

What to wear

The photos from your engagement session are a representative of your own personalities, and you should look and feel like yourselves. Plan your outfits ahead of time, make sure they coordinate well with each other and do not clash or match. A earth toned color palette photographs well and bringing more than one outfit is a great way to add a variety of looks for your session. If you are having a hard time deciding what to wear, bring several options to your engagement session. I’m more than happy to help you piece together your outfits.

Photo Locations in Bend

Unsure of the location for your session? A helpful tip to plan the location for your engagement session is to think of a spot that is relevant to your relationship. Maybe you have a favorite spot off of a hiking trail, enjoy hanging out at Elk Lake, or you love sipping a coffee while walking along the river at Drake Park. If you are looking for more of a urban vibe, Downtown Bend also has a lot of great post alleys with unique murals. We can also meet up at your favorite brewery! Incorporating activities and locations you already love can make your engagement session photos even more meaningful.

If you are having trouble narrowing down your options or need help with finding the perfect location, I have a plenty of spots around Bend that I can suggest for all types of scenes. I love helping my couples have their visions come to life.

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